Words For Good Friday from Francois Fenelon

Let me first say a big thank you to Susan and Louis Sutton for helping me discover Fenelon’s writings. They have been helpful in my spiritual journey more than they will ever know.

We are tempted to believe that we are no longer praying to God, when we stop finding joy in prayer. To undeceive ourselves, we must realize that perfect prayer and love of God are the same thing. Prayer then is neither a sweet sensation, nor the enchantment of an excitement imagination, nor the light of the mind which easily discovers sublime truths in God, nor even a certain comfort in th sight of God. All these things are exterior gifts …

We must remind ourselves again of Jesus Christ , whom his Father abandoned on the Cross,. God withdraws all feeling and all reflection to hid Himself from Jesus Christ. That was the last blow from the hand of God which smote the Man of Sorrows. That was the consummation of the sacrifice. We never so need to abandon ourselves to God as when He seems to abandon us. So let us take light and consolation when He gives them, but without becoming attached to them. When He plunges us into the dark night of pure faith, then let us go into this night, and let us lovingly suffer this agony. One moment is worth a thousand in this tribulation. We are troubled, yet we are at peace. Not only God hides Himself, but He hides us from ourselves, so that all may be of faith. Blessed be God, who has done such great things for us in spite of our unworthiness.

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