Update on Roger McGuinn

As a follow-up on my posting about Roger McGuinn, you may be interested to know he will be performing on the Grand Ole Opry this Saturday night. In the ’60s McGuinn and the rest of the Byrds appeared to a less than warm reception. It was one of those “hippies” vs. “the rednecks” sort of things. The Byrds played longer than their alloted time and their hair was a bit too long for the regular Opry folks so they were actually booed on stage.

McGuinn is returning at the invitation of regular Opry member Marty Stuart. Marty and his band, The Fabulous Superlatives, will join McGuinn on stage. The Opry is back at the Ryman and I’m pretty sure that means there is only the 7:00 PM show. In many places in the US you can pick up the Opry on 650 AM or you can go to their internet site and listen live on lineĀ http://www.wsmonline.com/indexhigh.html

If you have never heard the Opry, you owe it to yourself to give a listen. My mom and dad visited us here in Murfreesboro about 7 years ago and we took them. It was at the Opry House and not the Ryman so it lacked the intimacy of the Ryman (one of the top ten places to hear music in the world) and he was thrilled. He was never a country fan (unless you count Tennessee Ernie Ford hymns) but he had grown up listening to in on the radio in Columbia, SC and thoroughly enjoyed it. Attending the Opry is an experience every American should put on their bucket list -even if you don’t like country music. If you can’t make it live you should at least give a listen.

One thought on “Update on Roger McGuinn

  1. Living in the north, I’ve only been to the Ryman once, this last summer for the Indelible Grace concert. It is a grand place for listening to live music, and the more I heard the history of the place the more I was pleased to be there.

    I was interested that your comment made mention of the fact that not everyone listens to country music. True. When I was younger I assumed the genres were like water-tight compartments, with little listening cross-over. Then I discovered that the best musicians in every genre listen to the best musicians, period, in all genres. Rockers like Keith Richards mourned when Johnny Cash died, giving evidence in their tributes that they knew his music intimately. When Bob Dylan was savaged in the press years ago Cash wrote a public letter of support. Those of us who are fans miss out when we do not follow the musicians example of loving not merely a genre, but good music regardless of genre.

    Wish I could be there for this concert with you, Lee. The Ryman’s proximity to the honkeytonks also poses lovely possibilities for friendship.

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