Too much starch …

Most of you know of my encounter with the owner/cook at a cafe’ here in Jame’s Cistern when I was here in 2008 where I tried to order peas and rice along with mac and cheese. Well I went by to see the owner of Lee’s Cafe (Leona) to remind her of her challenge and to let her know that when I was in Freeport three years ago I shared that story with the owner of the cafe’ where I ate while on Freeport and he, Dudley, laughed and said “This is my sister Leona”. When I told her the story she just laughed and laughed

Me and Leona

but I she said that she was a bit embarrassed for saying that but I told her she should not. I told her it was like eating at my momma’s table and I felt right at home. Well this year it has been about like eating with my momma because I have eaten there more than anywhere else. The way my meals work here is that I bought supplies for breakfast when I flew in, the students provide supper or a snack during a class break and I usually go out for lunch. A modest lunch here can cost as much as $25. The food is always good but after a while that gets to be costly. So I decided to basically land at Lee’s Cafe’ where I can get lunch for between $8 and $13. The menu varies from day to day but is always excellent. I have had her fried chicken (said to be the best on the island), some of her fish,several of her sides and today had the cracked lobster and peas and rice.

Today's lunch

Saturday I was scheduled to go for breakfast for her famous stew fish (not a fish stew but a Bahamian way of preparing fish) but there was a water main break and she was closed. Which means I will have to wait until my next trip because she only prepares stew fish on Saturday but I do hope to make it for breakfast tomorrow (cooked my last egg yesterday) for grits and tuna, another local favorite.

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