The road to hell …

the_road_to_hell_is_paved_with_good_intentionsAs I look back on my blogs it seems to be that I last said that I was going to be blogging more than I had been. Well, as you can see that is not true. I have not really had anything up since late last year. I can honestly say that my intentions were good but I was just not up to the task. Since October of 2012 I have just been plain tired. I have been working at a job that ran from 6:00 PM-4:30 AM sometimes Wed-Sat and lately Tues-Fri and during my company’s peak Tues-Sat. I have also been the administrator of my parents’ estates. My mom and dad both died in July of 2012 within three weeks of each other and I had the responsibility and joy of being the administrator of their estates.

Well, hopefully, as of this week I have finished with my parents’ estates. This is a joint effort between myself and my sister and brother (I am thankful for a family that does not fight over wills, estates, and property) and the probate court of the wonderful state of South Carolina who has made this job much easier than many people I know facing the same situation in other states.

Secondly, I have given my two-weeks notice at the place of my employment. I have not done this with another job in the pipeline. It has just gotten to the point that after 37 wonderful years of marriage, Debbie and I could no longer stand the hours  apart from each other.Need a job

So what does this mean for this blog? Well after updating my blog and moving it to another server (whatever that means, still trying to figure it out myself) with the help of my friend and former piano player for my stand-up act (Titus Bartos) I am hoping to be more faithful in “blogging”. I want to add places to review books, films and music (you will have to look to the next few weeks for all of that). But as an example tonight Debbie and I watched the Cliff Robertson classic (and somewhat 60s dated Charlie, I am currently reading the biography of Amy Winehouse (written by her father), and as I write this I am listening to the very first Chicago album – when they were still known as Chicago Transit Authority. So I find myself between several worlds but trying to figure it all out (interpret?) from a biblical perspective.

I am also considering posting my sermons from the past 8 years and the ones I am currently preaching on this page as well but would like to hear from you if you would be interested in hearing/downloading my sermons.

Well that is where I am right not. Let me know what you think of these ideas and possibilities. As I am just hearing from Chicago these are  Question s 67 and 68.

One thought on “The road to hell …

  1. Lee,

    Please post your sermons so I can download them. As you may or may not know, I am
    an office furniture salesperson. As I ride around I listen to sermons on my cd player. I
    have stacks of your sermons that were posted on sermon audio, but honestly, I’ve
    worn them out. Thanks dude.

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