The Green Flash

The Green Flash is not the mutant cousin of the original Flash (who dressed in red for you non- comic readers out there) but an atmospheric event that happens very occasionally at sunset or sunup. For just a second or two the upper portion of the sun, just before sunset or just after sunrise appears as a green dot – hence the name green flash.

At Key West tourist and locals sit around, watching the sunset hoping to catch the illusive vision of incredible beauty.

Ever since coming to Eleuthera I have tried to catch the green flash. It is usually difficult because depending on the time of year the sun is usually setting during my class. That was true this year and the only night I was able to actually watch the sunset was Saturday. So Saturday, perched high on the hill where my apartment is located I was watching the sunset with several of the young men from the church in Greenville, SC who were here for a few days helping Eleuthera Bible Training Center with outreach. We were chatting, admiring the pyrotechnic display that our Father was presenting to us. We had our cameras out for picture. I was there with my tiny Panasonic, long for a Nikon 300s to really capture the images, when for just a second I saw it! The Green Flash! I immediately cried out, “Oh did you see it”! They all said “See what” and I said “The Green Flash”. They asked me what that was (kindly without throwing in “You crazy old man”) and I explained what it was and that if you did not look straight at the sunset the entire time you would likely miss it. Well they did but I did not. Something I have been wanting to see ever since I heard about it and there it was. A wonderful gift from a loving Father. Here is what it looks like, though sadly this is not my picture, maybe next time!

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