The Slow Pace of Life

Twin Brothers Seafood and Steakhouse is the closest thing you can find to a chain restaurant on the island of Eleuthers. There is the original

Twin Brothers Seafood and Steakhouse

in Nassau and four other locations on Grand Bahama but I believe that this is the first one they have established ¬†out the outlying islands. Real twin brothers, Buddy and Danny McCardy are from Hatchet Bay on Eleuthera where they open the restaurant and where I decided to have lunch yesterday. I usually fix breakfast at the center and the students take turns bringing “snacks” for class (which usually turn out to be meals), so I have the open opportunity of the day to sample the wonderful Bahamanian cuisine.

The Twin Brothers was recommended by several of my students from Hatchet Bay and it certainly lived up to their recommendations.

After being here for two entire days I finally was able to enjoy one of my favorite local

Conch Fritters, worth the wait

dishes, conch fritters. They were some of the best I have had with a very spicy remoulade sauce. Along with the fritters I had an excellent fried grouper. The sides included rice and beans (the Bahamanian variety, not red beans and rice), some red cole slaw and some of the famous Bahamanian mac and cheese. They have their own special way of cooking it here that really is wonderful

I came prepared to wait to be served, brought a book with me (Practice Resurrection¬†by Eugene Peterson – one of my three major reads hopefully for this trip). No one is in a hurry here and the food is prepared fresh, so I have learned to be prepared to wait. I have looked at several Eleuthera ¬†restaurant reviews online and it amazes me that people are often complaining about slow service at eateries on Eleuthera. I assume that these are written by Americans like myself who are usually in a hurry. I want to write back and tell them that you really don’t come to Eleuthera to do things quickly Information found at Twin Brothers(except cover the entire history of the church in 9 3 hour lessons!) so just relax.

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Twin Brothers

I find that having opportunities to wait on Eleuthera are good for me. I have eaten at two restaurants so far. The other, The Front Porch, also in Hatchet Bay was very good as well and I found out that it is owned by one of my students. It was very nice as well and the service was nice but slower we American expect . I have found, however, that the laid back way of life is not only enjoyable but is also a great tool for learning patience. My wife and children will tell you of my regular struggles with patience. I tend to be in a hurry (when I am not in Eleuthera) so being here is a great help in that department. It also makes me examine my approach to what we tend to call our work ethic. I know that if things everywhere moved as slowly as they do here in Eleuthera that productivity would greatly decline but I also wonder if there is a bit that we can learn about slowing down and enjoying the company of others, slowing down to rest and refresh, slowing down to take some time to notice the “rumours of glory” that God lays out for us everyday. I know that I need to take time to look for the reality of God’s grace all around me

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