New time, new blog

I have worked at blogging before and have really done a poor job. I find myself now in what many call “mid-life” entering into an entirely new period of live and it is my desire to blog about this for the sake of my own heart and maybe to help others going through similar situations. I find myself posting this entry (or should that be blogging this entry) after two important events. First and most important, I have just returned with my wife from a wonderful week-end in the Tennessee mountains were we were able to be alone: now wi-fi, no cable TV (though there was a DVD where we were able to watch a few episodes of Magnum, PI – my request; and my Big Fat Greek Wedding (both of our requests) and I finished reading a book “Leaving Ruin”, a book about a pastor who resigns with pastorate after 11 years. In light of my current situation it spoke to my heart in powerful ways and gave me renewed conviction that I am still going through this life leaning on Jesus like I was a cripple. So I start this new blog, with anticipation and wonder. Some of you may want to join with me.

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