My 20 Shuffles

Some time in the past few days someone challenged me to “shuffle” my IPod and write down the first 20 songs that came up. I never use the “shuffle” – in fact when I told Debbie about this I told Debbie I was going to “scramble” my IPod. She corrected me telling me it was Shuffle. Well the idea intrigued me. So here are my first 20 songs from a recent IPod shuffle. I’ll make a few comments a few of the songs.1.


  1. My Head Sounds Like That – Peter Gabriel – Up
  2. Lazy River – Louis Prima – Capitol Collection – A bit before my time, I love Louis Prima’s voice and helps me reconnect with my dad and his generation
  3. Salty Dog –Procol Harum – Salty Dog – One of Procol’s best songs but does anyone really know what Whiter Shade of Pale is all aboout
  4. That Where I am, There You Are, Rich Mullins – The Jesus Record disc 1 – This is the only “contemporary Christian” music that popped up (though I really doubt that “Christian” should be used as an modifier). Mullins is appropriate for me because there are times when in struggles in faith I can put on his version of the Apostles’ Creed and I can say: “Yes, yes this is what I know to be true. I did not make it it is making me”. Then I usually put on U2’s When Love Came to Town to be reminded that it was my sins that put him there
  5. Texas Rangers – Michael Martin Murphey – Cowboy Songs – I have always loved Cowboy songs
  6. When The World Ends – Dave Matthews Band – Everyday
  7. Dizzy Miss Lizzy – Beatles – Help (Remastered!)
  8. Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye – George Strait – 50 Number 1 Hits – George Strait has become one of my few contemporary country singers
  9. Jungleland – Bruce Springsteen – Live in New York City – One of my favorite Bruce tunes
  10. Befriended – Matt Redmond – Where Angels Fear to Tread
  11. Wachet auf, ruftuns die Stimme –Toizer Knabenchor – Voices of Angels – This disc, Voices of Angels, is a beautiful collection of Bach pieces performed on period instruments

Well I will post the rest later today or tomorrow. Well what does this say about me? What can you guess about what will follow. For those of you who know me well which artists are you surprised are not here?

2 thoughts on “My 20 Shuffles

    • Sweetheart (married for 35 years for those of you who don’t know) you are so right. A couple of others who did not show up surprised me: Bruce Cockburn – years ago my son Davie, as he was coming into the age of really appreciating music (is a great music critic now – used to work at Sounds Familiar for you Cola town people), told me “Dad, what is it with your taste in music? The guy you have more albums by is a guy no one else has ever heard of”. Debbie and I have seen Bruce C 4 times. Also no jazz. Lots of jazz on my IPod and also no Springsteen in this list. Also no Al Stewart who has a big place on my IPod and I started listening to seriously because of Tom Cannon.

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