Learning to Draw

In 1971 (almost 40 years ago!) I entered Clemson University as a Chemical Engineering major. Four years later I graduated (barely!) with a BS in that major but when I started I took a class in “mechanical drawing” which meant that I used things called a T-square and triangles to produce drawings of various objects, buildings and engineering “things”. Today, as I am entering a new phase of life after serving as a pastor of 30 years, I am mastering a new way of “drawing”. I am learning a program called “AutoCad” which is really quite amazing. It produces drawings in minutes that when I was “drawing” would take hours or days. In addition the laptop that I am using to produce these drawings is more powerful than the computer that I used in college that took up entire rooms and that I feed info into using something called punch cards.

I know that I maybe sounding like my father talking about how far he had to walk to school in his day but it is really not that, it is really an amazement at how much things have changed in the past 40 years and how much I really get excited about finding out how things work. The difference is that when I started “drawing” 40 years ago I did not associate this “wonder” with the God who made all of this, now my wonder is not just at what man has done but at what the God of all creation has done in making people in his image who can model him in creation

One thought on “Learning to Draw

  1. Lee,
    I remember using AutoCAD release versions that are like dinosaurs compared to what your using today. I remember having to hand draft plans and it tooks days to do it. I have often thought of Jesus as the Great Engineer just as much as the Great Healer or Teacher! I’ll never think of AutoCAD in the same way after reading this.
    Thanks for sharing!

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