Blogging as a reflection of lfe

I have just gone back to look at all of my postings as I have been reviewing this whole blogging experience. I was surprised to see that I started this blog soon after resigning from the last church I served. I thought I had started it earlier than that.

As I looked back there is not all that much struck me about the entries except to see how many of them have dealt with Lent and Advent. I have grown to appreciate how the Church Year gives a bit or order to my Christian life. I know that my friends who have a strict view of the regulative principle (if you do not know what that is, please, please do not Google it, just pretend you never heard of it, you will be better off) will tell me how wrong this is for a Presbyterian but I really do not think my Father objects so it is fine.

I am writing this short blog to let those, who follow this for whatever reason, know that I will be trying to make more frequent posting. After Lent this past year I basically stopped. Part of this had to do with my parents being ill and then when Dad went to the hospital I was there or on the road between here and there so much that I could not. Then he died and three weeks later Mom was gone as well and I just could not get myself up to blog. Then a new job with crazy hours (6:00 PM-4:30 AM) made it impossible to do just about anything but work, sleep and do the things I needed around the house.

But that does not mean I was not writing. I have several posting labeled “draft” on my dashboard. So over the next few weeks I will be finishing these and posting them. Some will appear to be dated (not sure I will finish “Dylan Turns 70″ since he is now 71 but we will see) but I think they might still serve the purpose of my writing.

My goal in all of this is to offer encouragement to those who name the name of Christ and those who are maybe interested in the claims of Christ and even those who really don’t care. Encouragement that despite the struggles, sadness, failure and what not of living in a world that seems just not right (to quote Mr. Dylan – Everything is Broken), what the Christian faith would call “a fallen world” there is hope and joy in the One whose Advent we are currently celebrating. I hope is some little way to do that.

As it says under my religious views on Facebook I am only a beggar showing other beggars where to find bread.

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