I am a 50 something young man who is at a change point in my life. For 30 years I have been a pastor either to university students or congregations finding himself perhaps moving on to work again in the market place. I hope that his blog will be a place I can share insights into that process and help others who find themselves making major life decisions. For me it all comes down to trying to listen well to my Older Brother – Jesus and our Father.

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  1. Hey Lee!

    Glad to find your webpage. I hope all is going well with you and your family! Let us know when you are back around our neck of the woods.

    John and Judy.

    • John and Judy! Great to hear from you. Our company (Insight CRE Services and Insight 360 Solutions) actually has a lot of business in Charlotte-Raleigh areas of NC so I may be there soon. Suppose to do a renewed 360 tour of Southpark Mall soon so I may be stopping by for supper.

  2. If you get to the mountains of North Georgia, Dee and I would love to have you and Deb stop in.
    Vernon & Dee Kimsey

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