A prayer for the morning

Yes, I know that I have not blogged since Easter. There are many reason I have not blogged some happy and some not so happy. Happy: busy with work, God has blessed the work of the company that I work for and in the past 2 months I have worked in 5 different states and traveled though several others. So I have been very busy. Secondly for part of that time Bethany was home and it was simply more fun spending time with there rather than blogging. Not so happy: this time of year is the 1 year anniversary of my leaving my ministry at Trinity and it has proved a sad anniversary to approach. When you have a rhythm of life that has been yours for 30 years and suddenly there is another rhythm of life it throws you off physically, psychologically and spiritually. But as I struggle I find God faithful and friends and family especially important in this struggle.

Which leads me to this morning’s blog. For my morning devotions I use a series of books “For All the Saints”. This is a set of four book designed around the liturgical calendar and is setup for a two year cycle (every two years you read through all four books). It gives you prayers, reading in the OT, NT and Gospels every day along with words of wisdom from saints form the past and present. Here is the opening prayer for today:

Thou seest us, O God, that we have need. And thou art open to the multitude of our prayers. Of thy wisdom grant us such things as we should have; and with them of thy love grace to use in accordance with thy purpose what things thou dost grant, Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

As I was praying that I thought of how simple and yet how complete that prayer really is: Father provide us with the things we truly need and the grace to do those things you have called us to do today. I find it a great prayer to start the day with and to remember throughout the day.

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