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I have really been meaning to get back to my blog. It has not been out of a lack of a desire but trying to work with a new schedule, a new job, really a new way of life. Last week I was in New York City from Wed to Sat working five jobs. We were staying out side the city in the area of The Meadowlands and had to drive out of the city each day and back in each morning, The week before that I was in Boston for 3 days (1 day off to see my friend and fellow pastor Rick Downs and to fulfill one of my all time wishes to see a game at Fenway. Turned out to be the Sox and the Yankees the only trouble is that the Yankees won which is bad news no matter what Gary Collier, Rod Culbertson and Resseguie say. The story of my ticket and the people I sat with is a blog entry in itself. Maybe one day I will post it.

Today is a good day to restart because today marks the beginning of the 37th year that Debbie and I have been married. Today is our 36th wedding anniversary. As I reflect back it has been a wonderful 36 years. Debbie and I from time to time have looked back and noted the good year and the difficult years. There is no doubt that the good ones out number the difficult one. God has given us three wonderful children, all three have presented their own joy, sorrows, challenges and adventures. We have had the privilege of serving 4 congregations (including our first with RUF at USC) over our 30 years in ministry.

For me, however, my main thoughts today are on my wonderful wife. Though it was almost 40 years ago I remember seeing her for the first time. Beautiful red hair, with a wonderful smile wearing a red shirt that said “Young Life Tonight, Bring Your Own Life”. I cannot begin to tell the number to times our Father has used this wonderful woman to rescue me in so many ways. There are so many memories with her that can bring a smile, a laugh or tears if I think of them long enough.

In looking at our good years and our difficult years, it is easy to say that the past year has been one of the most difficult. Those who have been asked to leave a ministry will understand that. It has been  a year of multiple questions, emotions, arguments, embraces and I know that throughout this year God’s great gift to me in working through it has been with beautiful red-headed girl.

As we look to the next year, the future is not all that clear. Often times we think that it is but God really has a way of getting us to trust him and to finally admit there is very little in our lives that we control. Our only hope is in relinquishing all that control to him. But I know that he has given me this wonderful woman to help me in coping when things seem out of control.

The writer of Proverbs says: “Rejoice in the wife of your youth”. We are no longer young (though certainly not old!), but I still rejoice in her. What a precious gift.

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  1. Your wedding was one of the first Sovereign Grace Fellowship weddings I attended!! What fun! I was looking at some old photos last week and saw some of your wedding pictures. What church was it in? Happy Anniversary–God has given you a wonderful wife!

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